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Mark your calendars for 10/26 and come out to the Wilkes 100k mountain bike race.  Click here to review a cue sheet of the race course.  Click here to view a handy map of the race course.  Be sure to click on all the symbols for extra details about the route.  If Trail Boss and his trusty steed can get in a run of good weather and no mechanicals there may even be some brand new berms along the way.  The race will begin and end at Warrior Creek.  Head on over to Bikereg to register now!  Less than 50 45 26 15 entries remain.





There are a few things you need to be aware of while prepping for the race:

  • Where is this place:  7658 West HWY 268, Boomer, NC  28606
  • The race lap at Warrior Creek will be a CLOCKWISE lap.  This is the opposite direction of the 6WC race lap and the direction most people ride at the Dub C.  Please be cautious and on the look out for head on traffic if you’re out doing recon.
  • Please remember to have common courtesy and to follow the rules of the trail.  When encountering head on traffic, the UPHILL rider has the RIGHT OF WAY.  If you’re going DOWN HILL, please YIELD to the UPHILL rider.
  • A small portion of Headwaters is included in the race lap at Warrior Creek.  Berm 68,360 was born to make this happen!
  • We’ve blazed all the odd turns that are off the beaten path with red tape.  Of course by race day, it will be obvious which way you need to go.
  • We’re planning on a 10 AM start time.
  • Your GPS cannot keep up through the 79,087 berms in Wilkesbermo.  Don’t be alarmed if your mileage is way short of the advertised difference.
  • Tail lights/blinkies will be required – safety first!
  • The Hampton Inn Wilkesboro or any of the great area hotels would love for you stay the night after the race.  If you’re not camping with us and want to book a room, The Hampton is offering racer discounts and they’re working on something a little extra special for those aching muscles after the race.  Details are forthcoming.  We’ll even try to talk them into putting out a cooler of cold beverages too!  Click on over to book online.
  • Rest areas will be self supported.  We will have bag drop offs for each rest area.  Drop bags are limited to one grocery sized bag per station.  Water and limited gels will be provided.  Don’t count on us to be the only nutrition provisions you have.  Bring some stuff with you!

Keep checking back for updates.  If the course changes for any reason, we’ll update the cue sheet and change the date so you can compare to previous versions.  We do not expect any major changes.  Got a question, email us at 6WC at bmcc dot us.