Road Biking

Wiles Road Cycling

The bikes dont have to stop when the trail ends. There are plenty of fantastic paved cycling routes to follow in the Kerr Scott area as well. Wilkes county has almost 1000 miles of paved secondary roads to cruise. Brushy Mountain Road, Tobacco Road Loop, Stone Mountain Loop, Moravian Falls, Rendezvous Mountain, Cabin Creek Loop and many more gorgeous routes await the road cyclist in Wilkes county.

Cycling Route Map

Wilkes County and the High Country Council of Governments in cooperation with cyclists in Wilkes County developed a fantastic Cycling Route Map to encourage biking as a healthy and enjoyable form of recreation and an energy efficient, economical, and non-polluting form of transportation.

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Route Signs

Wilkes Bike Routes

Each Route is signed with Wilkes County Bike Route signs that have arrows pointing in the direction of travel. The signs direct riders to travel in a direction that matches the elevation profiles illustrated in the Route Descriptions. Routes are signed for one direction only. Riders risk getting lost if they choose to deviate from the signed route. Some routes will overlap but cyclists should follow the arrows with the corresponding number for the route they have chosen. Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride!

Share The Road

Climbing in the ShadeCars and bicycles frequently must Share The Road. On roadways with high levels of bicycle traffic, but relatively demanding conditions for bicyclists, Share The Road signs have been installed. These signs are intended to increase motorists’ awareness of bicyclists on a roadway without designating that roadway as a preferred route.

Bicyclists, however, must also be aware of the importance of sharing the road with motorists. If someone comes up behind you, move to the right when safe to allow them to pass. In groups, bicyclists should ride cooperatively and help motorists pass safely.

When nature calls, please be respectful of private property.  Use some common sense when picking what you think may be the perfect place to relieve yourself.