Overmountain Victory Trail

OVT featuredOvt Berm

Smooth Rolling Singletrack

You’ll be smiling happily as you roll through the woods on this masterpiece. The OVT, part of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail, was the second of the trail systems constructed at Kerr Scott.

Designed as an out-and-back, OVT can be accessed from several locations, but rides typically start from the trailhead at the W. Kerr Scott Visitors Assistance Center. This section of the OVT ends at Bandit’s Roost Campground, and one-way mileage is 6 miles to that terminus. Shiner’s Run, a 2.5 mile loop, can also be ridden in either direction, so mileage can be increased with that option. Road crossings that service the Wilkes Skyline Marina and Berry Mountain Park offer great turnaround and regroup locations.

A Great Starting Point

The OVT is the least difficult of the trails currently at Kerr Scott, and is the best place for visitors unsure about where to start. Compared to Warrior Creek and Dark Mountain, there is less technical riding; climbs/descents are shorter, and the overall elevation gain is also slighter. It has some of the most enjoyable singletrack of all though, so don’t miss it!

  • Trailhead: W. Kerr Scott Visitor Assistance Center parking area
  • Trail Length: 6.0 miles (one way) plus Shiner’s Run, an optional 2.5 mile side loop
  • Trail Type: Singletrack
  • Description: OVT flows past views of the lake, dips deep into the woods through a quiet stream on a rock crossing and traverses steep hillsides with mature hardwoods and boulder outcroppings. OVT offers the most flowing trails at Kerr Scott. Every turn is bermed and the climbs are relatively friendly. This trail is part of the federally-designated Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail. It follows the general route that patriots from the area trod to reach the Battle of Kings Mountain in October 1780.
  • Difficulty: OVT has some short climbs. It is easier and less technical than Warrior Creek or Dark Mountain. OVT is suitable for cross bikes.
  • Trail Markings: White triangle (OVT); Yellow blaze (Shiner’s Run)
  • Shiner’s Run: “Shiner’s Run” is a 2.5-mile singletrack loop that snakes from the ridge and winds along the lakeshore before climbing back to the main trail. The Shiner’s Run loop branches off the OVT just east of Marina Road. Great lake views.
  • Berry Mountain Loop: “Berry Mountain Loop” is a 4.5-mile singletrack loop that winds along the OVT between Berry Mountain Park and Bandit’s Roost Campground.  It is the most recent addition to the trail system at W Kerr Scott and made possible by a Recreational Trails Program Grant in 2012.  The Berry Mountain Loop has more berms and jumps per mile than any trail at Kerr Scott.  It is also a bit more challenging than Shiner’s Run and OVT.
  • Additional Information: Overmountain Victory Trail on MTB Project
Local Directions to  Warrior Creek: Take N.C. 268 west from Wilkesboro. Eight miles past U.S. 421, turn right at the campground sign and follow the access road to the campground.
Full Directions
OVT Reviews:
“Awesome trail – unlike anything else in the area. It’s all singletrack, but this trail flows so amazingly fast. The climbs aren’t steep or long, but they are plentiful on the way out to Bandit’s Roost. You will realize on your way out that the return ride will be blistering. The berms are built very well, so riding in with speed isn’t a problem. There are plenty of roots so you have to be ready for some slippage, but that’s the fun of mountain biking.”

“OVT is packed and kickin! A few jumps are thrown in for good measure. Great flow…. Great singlespeeder trail. Dark Mountain trails are as always great and well maintained. Great flow. The rock garden on the downhill is sick fun and after a week the scabs are ready to come off and they really taste great.”