Dark Mountain

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Trails are in top condition for fast, fun riding

Dark Mountain is the oldest of all the trail systems at the lake, and was designated a National Recreation Trail in 2005. The trail network features loop after loop of singletrack trail rolling through a mature forest with tall poplars and pines. You’ll roll through a rhododendron tunnel, dip past an old homestead, skirt the edge of a pony pasture and cruise past a finger of the lake on the trails.

It’s only a few hundred vertical feet from the lakeshore to the top of the ridge, but you’ll get quite a workout as the trails wind up and down the ridge again and again. Expect to average about 120 feet of climbing per mile.

Dark Mountain sits atop a granite vein, so there’s very little mud, even after heavy rains. “The Dark Mountain site is made to order for mountain biking,” says R.G. Absher of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. A visit a few days after a big rain will find miles of bone-dry singletrack. The trails were designed to be durable in wet weather, employing IMBA trail building techniques.

The trails are well groomed, with just a few rooty spots…perfect for a fast spin through the woods. You’ll encounter a few steep climbs and several soaring descents along with lots of fairly level riding along the ridgetop. Members of BMCC’s trail care crew frequently tweak the trails to improve the overall flow.

Scenic and Challenging Singletrack

There are several numbered and named small loops at Dark Mountain, all intersecting with a 2-track “Core” trail which goes through the whole system. Three wooden decks atop the ridge offer wide views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.Follow the BLUE arrows for the all-encompassing route, including the “Snake” and “Lake” loops that each contain a solid climb and descent.

From the trailhead, the climb up the entrance trail takes you through the first-built trails at the lake. After about a mile, you’ll get through a very rooty section and begin a descent that winds down “The Snake” to another section of Fish Dam Creek waterway. Enjoy it, because as soon as you see the stream, you’ll be begin a sustained 1 mile climb out.

After about 3-4 miles in, the trail begins the 200 foot descent of the “Lake Loop.” A fantastic finale awaits after the climb back to the top of Dark Mountain, the exit trail. This section has hosted Downhill and Super-D events, and contains optional lines with big banked turns and jumps. If you’re not into daredevil stunts, don’t worry. The jumps are easily avoided by staying on the main trail.

Fish Dam Creek Trail

The Fish Dam Creek Trail begins at the spillway at the foot of W. Kerr Scott Dam. It crosses the spillway, follows scenic Fish Dam Creek for a short distance, then snakes its way up a wooded ridge. The left fork of the trail leads to a picnic area at the top of the dam; the right fork skirts the edge of a large field and re-enters the woods to climb to the top of the ridge at Dark Mountain. This short, scenic trail passes through a shady rhododendron tunnel and past a huge old growth hemlock. The Fish Dam Creek Trail is trail #8 in the Dark Mountain system.

BURN 24 Hour Challenge

Dark Mountain stood as home to the BURN 24 for nine years.  While the race is on hiatus, you can still follow the blue route to get a small taste of what the race is all about.

BURN 24 Hour Challenge

Dark Mountain Ride
Dark Mountain Jump

Pedaling Dark Mountain

  • Trailhead: Dark Mountain parking area
  • Trail Length: About 7.5 miles
  • Trail Type: Singletrack, with a core jeep road
  • Description: Dark Mountain is a series of trails laced into both sides of a rugged wooded ridge. Loop after loop of singletrack rolls through a mature hardwood forest. The trails at Dark Mountain are steep, tight and fast with good flow and lots of variety. Three wooden decks atop the ridge offer wide views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Dark Mountain is a federally-recognized National Recreation Trail.
  • Difficulty:  Medium. The climb from lake level to the top of the ridge is tough, and you’ll do it several times as the trails climb and descend over and over. Downhill riders will enjoy a long run of optional jumps and obstacles.
  • Trail Markings: All routes are numbered and identified with permanent signage that is coordinated to the Dark Mountain trail map. Signs also have red and blue arrows. The red route is shorter, easier and less technical…perfect for new mountain bikers. The blue route includes the entire 7.5-mile BURN 24-Hour Challenge course.
  • Additional Information: Dark Mountain on MTB Project
Local Directions to  Dark Mountain: Take N.C. 268 west from Wilkesboro. Three miles past U.S. 421, turn right at the large W. Kerr Scott Dam & Reservoir sign onto Reservoir Road. Follow Reservoir Road across W. Kerr Scott Dam and turn left at the flagpole. The parking area is at the end of the driveway down the dam.

Full Directions

Reviews of Dark Mountain:

“Rode in the 24 hour BURN race and was highly impressed with these trails. From a construction standpoint – excellent. From a riding standpoint – excellent. Nice climbs, nice descents. Some cool optional lines over rocks and log piles. Damn, these boys did it right. I take my hat off to them.”

“Awesome downhills combined with great climbs makes this trail very challenging for all. It is very easy to ride just the parts you like by connecting them via the main road. Can’t wait to go back!”

“What a great system of trails that the Brushy Mountain Cyclist Club have set up. Great long descents on loops #7 and 8, tough climbs on loop #5, this trail has it all. If the downhill course does not take your breath away, the scenery will.”

“Dark Mountain is a GREAT place to ride! The trails are in great shape and the terrain is awesome! The volunteers we talked to were VERY nice and helpful…The Overmountain trail was also a good ride. Overall a great trail with some nice views of the lake and surrounding mountains.”

“I really enjoyed (Dark Mountain)…the climbs weren’t too bad. I’ll admit the whole time up I was like ‘OK, I’ve seen no good downhills…something better change.’ It did. The downhill run from the top to the parking lot was worth the whole climb. I’ve been wanting to get back real bad ever since. I’ll admit when I get back, I’m gonna be a little girl and push up the downhill and play there all day. If you’re close to these trails, go to ’em. They’re worth the time and drive, especially if you got the gears.”