Warrior Creek

Warrior Creek

State of the Art Singletrack

Warrior Creek is among the most progressively-built trails at Kerr Scott. Being the third trail system to be completed at Kerr Scott (after Dark Mountain and OVT), it represents the evolution of over ten years of purpose-built MTB trailbuilding. “The OVT on steroids,” BMCC Trail Boss, Jim Horton, has said of Warrior Creek.

Advanced Challenges

Warrior Creek’s length is a big difference from other trails here. Combined with a section of the OVT at Warrior, it is usually completed with a 13-mile commitment. Along the way there are rock gardens, bridges, tons of in-sloped turns, and great lake views. Often it’s more than JUST BERMS; Warrior creek also contains several “super-stacks” of berms and banked turns that are likely to provide the most memorable part of your ride.

For those seeking even more mileage, Warrior Creek can be combined with other out and back opportunities on the OVT at Warrior Creek or the Black-Diamond rated Headwaters Loop.

6 Hours of Warrior Creek Endurance Race

Looking for an even bigger challenge? Warrior Creek is also home to the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek Endurance Race each spring.

6 Hours of Warrior Creek


Pedaling Warrior Creek in the Fall
  • Trailhead: Warrior Creek Campground
  • Trail Length:
         Warrior Creek Loop: 12 miles.
         OVT from Warrior Creek Gate to W.Yadkin River Trailhead: 5 miles;
         Headwaters Loop: 2 miles and growing.
  • Trail Type: Singletrack
  • Description: The Warrior Creek Loop completely encircles the campground, following the folds of the lake. This loop is the newest of all the trails at Kerr Scott. Expect loads memorable berms and several rock gardens.
  • Difficulty: The trails at Warrior Creek are the toughest at Kerr Scott. They’re steeper with more technical climbs and turns.
  • Additional Information: Warrior Creek on MTB Project
Local Directions to  Warrior Creek: Take N.C. 268 west from Wilkesboro. Eight miles past U.S. 421, turn right at the campground sign and follow the access road to the campground.

Full Directions