Berry Mountain Loop now OPEN Posted October 13, 2014 by admin


The Berry Mountain Loop is now open and ready for public consumption!  Construction began in June of 2013 and while not 100% complete, it is ready to ride and it is fun!  The Berry Mountain Loop has more jumps, berms, whoop-de-doos and woo hoos per mile than any other trail at W Kerr Scott.

Trail construction has been made possible through a Recreational Trails Project grant funded through the NCDENR in 2012.  While the grant afforded most of the trail construction, over 2,000 hours of volunteer time including donated equipment and labor have gone into the effort to complete the trail.

The trail itself is currently broken into two parts; Lower Berry Mountain & Upper Berry Mountain.  Each section is located off of the OVT between Berry Mountain Park and Bandit’s Roost Campground.  Upper Berry Mountain Loop can be accessed from the small paved parking area just past the Berry Mountain Park entrance on HWY 268W.  The updated OVT map below will break it all down for you.

When complete, the trail will feature a unique bridge to cross over, yes over, the Overmountain Victory Trail.  Keep an eye on the BMCC Events page for scheduled work days and bridge building parties.

Ride #wilkesbermo!